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Learn Languages online for FREE

The US Federal Government and the Foreign Service Institute for years has been developing (at the public expense) courses to teach people how to speak other languages. The reason for this is simple, we need to have diplomatic relations with those countries, and they need to speak the native languages.


Check them out, learn a new language.

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Optical Illusion – The Spinning Dancer

This e-mail has been going around with a spinning female dancer, it is supposed to test whether you are right-brained and “creative” or left-brained and “logical”. If you see the dancer spinning clockwise, the story goes, you are using more of your right brain, and if you see it moving counterclockwise, you are more of a left-brained person.

Spin Dancer

I see clockwise at first, so Creative, ok, but most people can see her shift directions. Guess I’ll live with this being a fun trick but really I think it is meaningless. Enjoy anyway!

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Buy a new vehicle to drive

I’ve found a nice place to shop for a new set of wheels.

Need something different to drive to work? Click Here!

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Photography’s Fun Side

I take pictures all of the time. I post many on HERE at

But often I also post and view the stuff on FLICKR

They have a nice fun place to mess with photos! Enjoy
Fun with Photos at Flickr’s Big Huge Labs

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No Comment

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The best answer to the “Monsters in the Closet”

This is how every kid should think. Just ask this little girl what to do if somebody you don’t want in your house breaks in.

She is gonna kick some ass.

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Prank Video – Alien

A friend of mine has a lifesize Darth Vader and a lifesize Spiderman along with dozens of strange halloween masks and models. Vader has been behind the shower curtain in his guest bathroom for as long as I can remember. That alone will freak you out if you aren’t expecting it. Spidey moves around alot, he will be on the ceiling sometimes, or behind the door once in a while. Manequins are freaky to most people because they are SILENT and just standing there. When you aren’t expecting someone to be there. These fine brothers give their sister a mighty shock. She really freaks out! Who needs enemies when you have FAMILY! Watch and laugh.

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Grace Jones – Art * Performance * Music

This is a performance by Grace Jones, where art and music and everything comes together. She is totally unique. I revisit some old favorites, she is such a compelling person to watch perform that the sound and vision meet in an incredible experience. I hope you enjoy this.

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Quantum Computing

Computers rapidly are moving to Fiber Optic and Quantum states of matter. Keeping up on the cutting edge of computing isn’t about the latest Mac Book Pro or Dell XPS.

Checkout the latest from TECHNOLOGY REVIEW


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Crazy – Gnarles Barkley meets Star Wars

I had a CRAZY Day yesterday, so you can enjoy this little gem.

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