I have been getting more into music lately. My ROCK youth, along with Country has progressed and I am a big fan of Old School Rap and some Metal and Dance pop music. All the great radio stations that stream on the web become repetitive and boring after a while.

So I have been ordering more MP3s and downloading more of the free giveaway music that is out there. I have no problem buying the good songs that I like and adding them to my monster mix of music. I expect that sooner or later I will fill about a TB of just music.

After that, I will have to find the time to listen to it all. I guess that is what WORK hours are for! Checkout some of the good stuff going on in new releases and Jazz as well. I am finding that Jazz sets off an evening at home really well, and that pounding beat dance music gets me going in the morning better than a cup of coffee. Also the sustained day long listening can be almost anything.

As long as I mix it up enough that I don’t hear overplayed stale hits or radio’s current mash. I want original, I need to feel like I’m not re-listening to the same stuff over and over. Hopefully my constant search for music will keep me from ever feeling that!