Get the New SOG tools, I have several. Made in USA, Top Quality, Used by the US Special Forces! These are what the PROS use, and you should have one on you at all times! I keep this one handy!…

Good Clip Pocket Knife, high quality, and something you can depend on when you need it. Everybody should have one in ther pockets.

Product Description
I Love The Flash, it is SHARP, Scary, and one of the most USEFUL knives I own. It has a fast blade access, and it locks open safe and solid. It just looks and feels great in the hand.

“The Flash family of knives feature SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.), which employs a powerful piston lock that is easily released with a sliding button.”

Every knife I carry now has to have a 1/2 serrated blade. It is that important to me! For SOG Flash — Options include straight edge blade, black TiNi 1/2 serrated blade/clips/pivot, hard-anodized 6061- T6 aluminum handles. All Flashes come standard with SOG’s patent pending, reversible bayonet mounted clip that ensures the lowest, most discreet carry possible. Models: FSA-7 – Straight FSA-97 – 1/2 Serrated TFSA-97 – 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi Blade, Pocket Clip and Hardware

Buy one and carry it, you won’t regret the investment!