This is the GERMAN Page

Start out with a little German Music. One of my Favorites all in German, I happen to love that there are no instruments in all is just harmony and mouth sound.
Wise Guys — Jetzt ist Sommer

Next is Same band
Wise Guys — Radio

And out of the blue, the fantastic Annett Louisan – “Das Alles wär nie passiert” Every time I watch this it makes me laugh, which makes it another all time favorite for Modern German Music. I really wish I knew more Bands and Singers. I relax and enjoy this whenever I can.

Annett Louisan – Drück die 1

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As for Learning German so you understand some of this lyrics… Only 2 items stand out from the crowd. Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone. I went to class for German 1 and 2 in college and still used these to get my A grades in the classroom. If you expect good grades and real learing you have to dedicate yourself to the learning process. I’d buy them both. (I did buy them both!) It was worth it.

Now one of the goals of our time in Germany will be to visit Berchtesgaden-Obersalzberg, Germany. This is a fantastic look at highlights of things to see and places to go while in this historic area of Europe.