Computer and Electronics

This page is a Computer and Electronic Gadgets Page to find out how we Maintian the site!

To add a link use the CONTACT page in the Right hand column or email corey –at– is mostly edited with my COMPAQ Presario C771 Laptop and occasionally edited with a Macbook PRO or the THINKPAD by Lenovo. All Laptops. Portability and performace are important. I also am considering getting a new NETBOOK for the Queen. But that is mid Summer 2009 when I will be getting that.

Computer Equipment is getting so personal now, but preferences are really up to the skill level of the users. In Business Environments Macs are still rare. Most companies issue the Windows based equipment because Microsoft software is there for the users and the business norm. As time goes on I can see the world blending more and more. Macbooks have lost their reliability and Windows based systems improve and win on price more often and are coming along on the reliability. OS preference seems to be fading as well as people dual boot the Windows and Mac OS on Intel based machines. (Both sides do this…So Mac fans are NOT the only ones!)