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Preserve History – Jay Leno saves

The Greatest sports story ever told

The movie that will break records

Shatter records

40 Years later – Remember BIG FITZ

Master Penman

Yeah, it is a rare thing.

Great entertainers – Great talk

ohn Cleese in conversation with Eric Idle at Live Talks Los Angeles

It is quite impressive!

Inspire others

This guy is awesome, and hopefully it takes off and changes everything we think about honoring our fallen soldiers.

Uplifting and amazing

Real talent

Amazing life – Benjamin Franklin

Advanced Science and saved countless lives and uncountable property
Wrote famous works that are still in print and phrases that are common use today
Created a new musical instrument that was used by some of the greatest composers ever
Grew from nothing to wealth by his own hard work
FIRST Postmaster of America
First lending library created in new world

Yeah, he deserves the great praise.

Fantastic talents worth watching all of them

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