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Jimmy is the best

More cool inventions

Fun new inventions – some excellent ideas

Want the Blinky Shoes!

All about that base – Star Wars edition? LOL yep

Fantastic, I love Christmas Lights and Shows like this.

Fullscreen is the best here

Roving around Mars

5 years

Quantum Levitation

I had never seen this effect before. “Super Cool” pun intended.

Holgraphic Universe

I am not smart enough to know…

High Voltage Eraser for CD/DVD

This is amazing to watch the metal get blown away by the volts!

Quick Lightsaber Duel for Friday

RvB2: Ryan vs. Brandon 2

Makes me wonder how hard it is to make a movie anymore.
Effects are perfect, better than anything Lucasfilm or Dreamworks is putting out.

Just need a good plot and script. Not bogus or boring.

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