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Feels like oppression

At what point do you think we have exceeded the limits of police power? When will we have gone beyond the limit for free Americans to travel on open roads without harassment.

This kind of behavior by police is exactly why no one trusts them anymore.

Feels like oppression

How could you compete with this?

pwnisher is back with Cardboard Warfare 2

Longer, better, and just plain cool.

I was laughing, and not at the German Guy

Scary that people say crazy even today.

Super Power Slingshot Crossbow

Yeah, deadly!

3 minutes in Hell – 108 flips

Yeah, they are counting in German, but don’t watch this ride if you have just eaten a big meal.

EMBED-The Amusement Park Ride From Hell – Watch more free videos

Dr. Forrest Bird – American National Treasure

Thank You Dr. Bird for coming to Houston, and for saving lives in all of your work.

Made in the USA for these devices as well.

Yeah, he did it ALL
Flew with Howard Hughes
Met A Wright Brother
Flew along side the HINDENBURG
Flew P-51 Mustang during WWII
Brought back German planes
Invented the Respirator
Oldest helicopter pilot
Saved Lives
And all still going, still making history

German Wheel

Fun at the Circus!

Kenneth Mars, co-star in Mel Brooks comedies, dies of Pancreatic Cancer at age 75

Kenneth Mars, co-star in Mel Brooks comedies, dies of Pancreatic Cancer at age 75
One of the greats in a great movie

This deleted scene has the the fabulous Teri in that Killer Gown

What? LOL

Why was this taken down from TRU TV?

Yes, this is really scary. I’m already on a list I think. 🙂

But that it isn’t easy to get rid of something once it is out there.

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