MEGA Vulnerable

Your data isn’t that safe out on the cloud. It never really was.

TikTok is spyware folks

Microsoft Zero day again

Seems like a running joke that Microsoft has a zero day exploit all of the time.

Russian Social Media Botnets

The best option is to not be on social media.

Iphone hack

This is not going well for Apple
Researchers Find Potential Way to Run Malware on iPhone Even When it’s OFF

Hacking for Profit = China

Looks like cyberespionage campaign orchestrated by the China-backed Winnti group for your corporate IP. Keep an eye on what is happening folks.

200+ Cyber attacks by Russia against Ukraine

War is hell. Russia is really good at cyber war. Learn from this folks.

Chinese Hackers Targeting Russian Military Personnel with Updated PlugX Malware

Seems like things are going in a different direction during the Russian war attacking Ukraine while pretending the Chinese are their buddies. They aren’t anyone’s buddies.

Critical Bug in Everscale Wallet Could’ve Let Attackers Steal Cryptocurrencies

Crypto has huge profit, but also huge risks for you to get ripped off.

AI can guess your pin

Seems like a big problem in the future.