Attacker WILL eventually get in? Or already has been in, undetected.

In My opinion, it has already happened. And if some places don’t start taking it more seriously, it will happen in a bold and undisputed way.


Apparently using your system to mine Cryptocurrency is easy if you don’t setup things correctly. Read all about it.

Smart TV, a dumb idea

Turns out that smart TV is snooping on you. Maybe best thing to do is get a dumb TV, or stop watching.
We removed the TV a long time ago.

Another malware attack on WINDOWS

This bug is active in malware attacks and cyber espionage.
Keep your eyes open for something different, from the article here.

“ESET named the strain they found Win32/StealthFalcon. They said this malware works as a basic backdoor that allows Stealth Falcon operators to download and run additional code on infected hosts, or to exfiltrate data to remote servers.”

Sounds like it is limited in use so far, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be used soon.

Your iPhone isn’t secure

As if you didn’t already know, a cell phone is not a good device to have on you and with any secure information. You can be hacked by just using it normally. Apple and Android have a long way to go to make these devices more secure.

Tracking is getting out of hand

NY Times gets a harsh reality. If you wanted to know why TOR browser is so popular and Brave Browser and a VPN is very important. You are being watched.

Apple Issues 3 Emergency Security Fixes

Apple Issues 3 Emergency Security Fixes To Block Hackers From Taking Over iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs
Looks like another day of Apple being in the hot seat. Patch now, fix it now. Don’t let yourself get caught. I know a lot of people have Apple products in their life.

F-15 gets PWND

My default thought is that if you get physical access to it, you can hack it eventually. You really need to test with outside white hat hackers on your system to make sure you are doing everything you can to secure your stuff.

Windows Wormable

If you are using any supported version of the Windows operating system, stop everything and install the latest security updates from Microsoft immediately.

The SMARTEST phone is to not use one

Often we overlook that handy tool as the most insecure device we have. Cell phones have been a target for every hacker for a very long time. Best advice I can give is stop using it, but I know that isn’t going to happen.

Next best advice is carry a dumb phone and turn it off most of the time. Again, probably not going to happen.
This well done article tells all about the Wireless Service and what is happening on that front. Enjoy.