Instagram “BUG”

Looks like another APP BUG where the app is watching you via the camera. If it can hit someone as big as INSTAGRAM, watch out for the little software people.

Campaign App Bug

Probably the worst thing that can happen is data leaks just before a historic election. Data including contacts of the user and other sensitive data was visible. How long, and how deep it really went… We don’t know, but for the Joe Biden campaign, it is a tech fail. For the cybersecurity aware, it is a reminder to be careful what apps we install on our phones.
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India banning China Apps

India bans 118 Chinese apps including PUBG

Chat App is Spyware

Heads up. Don’t just install stuff on your phone. Research first

Ira knows how it is done

New Year, New Spy with your New TV

Just turn off all of the spying apps. Make sure to cover the camera too.

Army tries to expose data with bad Cell Phone App

Attacker WILL eventually get in? Or already has been in, undetected.

In My opinion, it has already happened. And if some places don’t start taking it more seriously, it will happen in a bold and undisputed way.


Apparently using your system to mine Cryptocurrency is easy if you don’t setup things correctly. Read all about it.

Smart TV, a dumb idea

Turns out that smart TV is snooping on you. Maybe best thing to do is get a dumb TV, or stop watching.
We removed the TV a long time ago.